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The objectives of the NIDXA, and its members, include:

  1. Promote goodwill through amateur radio, both locally and internationally.
  2. Assist fellow members of the club in the pursuit of their individual DX goals.
  3. Provide the Northern Illinois Ninth District Call Area with a common voice on matters affecting DX interests to the American Radio Relay League and any groups concerned with amateur radio.
  4. Encourage efforts in amateur radio contests such as ARRL DX, CQWW DX, and CQ WPX and compete with similar groups in other parts of the country or world in these contests.
  5. Assist the manager of the ARRL Ninth District QSL bureau.
  6. Perform a service and spread goodwill from the Ninth Call Area by providing equipment, technical publications and other operating aids to foreign DXers.
  7. Help newcomers to the world of DX learn proper techniques and, in general, encourage better operating on the DX bands.
  8. Encourage attendance at conventions and other amateur activities such as the Dayton Hamvention, W9DXCC convention, etc.
  9. Provide monetary and other assistance to DXpeditions in accordance with the NIDXA DXpedition Funding Guidelines.
  10. Sponsor and coordinate the annual W9DXCC Convention and associated activities, such as the banquet, DX University and hospitality suite.

All members of the NIDXA shall:

  1. All members in good standing shall have voting privileges.
  2. All members shall:
    1. Be a member of the ARRL in good standing.
    2. Show and/or demonstrate continuing interest and/or participation in DXing, contests, club activities and the objectives of the NIDXA.

Application for membership

  1. To be considered for membership in the NIDXA, an individual must:
    1. Be a member of the ARRL in good standing.
    2. Have been granted a DX Century Club Award by the ARRL.
    3. Be licensed by the FCC as an amateur radio operator.
    4. Subscribe to the DX Code of Conduct.
    5. Attend a minimum of three (3) NIDXA meetings or social events in a consecutive twelve month period and make a genuine effort to meet all of the current NIDXA members.
    6. Show and/or demonstrate a willingness to participate in DXing, contests, club activities, net check ins and the objectives of the NIDXA, including volunteering to assist the manager of the W9 QSL bureau, or other club activities, such as W9DXCC.
    7. Any former member in good standing is welcome to rejoin at any time upon application and payment of annual dues with no need for application review by the Membership Committee or by the Board of Directors.
  2. An individual interested in becoming a member who meets the requirements set forth in these by-laws shall secure the sponsorship of two (2) members in good standing and submit his/her application to the Secretary.
  3. The Secretary will forward the application to the Membership Committee for review and action. If the Membership Committee approves the application, a vote by the membership as a whole will be taken.
  4. Subject to favorable review by the NIDXA membership, the President shall then welcome the new member at the next regular meeting.

 If you meet the requirements and wish to become a member of the NIDXA, please download and complete the NIDXA Memership Application.
The above excerpt from the NIDXA By-Law Excerpt (PDF).

Membership renewal

Membership renewals for 2023 are now due.
The amount is $45 if paid on, or before, December 31st. A late fee of $10 will be imposed thereafter.
You may pay by check, cash, or PayPal

Please send payments to (please include your call with the check):
Wally Klinger, W9BEA
2294 Elmridge Dr.
Northbrook, IL 60062

You may also alternatively pay with PayPal. Click below to launch PayPal in a new window.
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