Current Officers & Board

President: Ed WA9GQK

Ed’s interest in radio was sparked by a fellow scout showing his project for Radio Merit Badge. Self taught radio electronics from books at the local library until starting high school where he took shop classes in electronics and joined the Morton West HS radio club. Licensed as WN9GQK 1963 and then WA9GQK on passing General. Though eventually upgrading to Extra he has retained his original call. Currently have 305 Mixed with a few more to add.

Ed is currently serving his fourth term as president.

Vice President: Mike W9MK

Mike W9MK

I started in Ham Radio with WN9IYO in January of 1972. 2022 will be my 50th year as an Amateur Radio Operator. Wow! I upgraded to Extra at the FCC office in Chicago with my friend Bill Ryan N4BR and we received consecutive call signs which we had for a number of years. My FCC assigned call was AD9Y and Bill’s call was AD9Z. When W9MK became available it was the only call I requested otherwise I would likely still be AD9Y. I love chasing DX. I love the competition of a DX pileup. I came into the NIDXA with 200 countries confirmed. I now have 306 confirmed and 317 worked. The NIDXA club members are very helpful in the chase. My favorite bands are 15, 75, and 40 meters.

See you in the pileups!

Secretary: Ed N9EP

Ed has been a ham for 49 years.  DXing, contesting, homebrew, portable operation and mentoring new hams are among the many amateur radio activities he enjoys. 

DXing from an antenna-limited QTH in a HOA subdivision has been challenging but with a stealthy approach to antennas he has 317 DXCC entities confirmed, with 8 band DXCC.

He has been a proud member of NIDXA since 2010 and is also a life member of ARRL and QCWA as well as other ham fraternal groups including CW OPS, FISTS, SKCC, SMC, NAQCC and the Motorola ARC. 

Ed is currently serving his third consecutive term as club secretary. He has served previously in roles as secretary and a member of the Board of Directors.

Treasurer: Michael AA6DY

Michael has been a ham since 1969, starting with his novice ticket WN6FUE, moving through WB6FUE as an advanced amateur, and received his extra ticket as AA6DY about 35 years ago.  With his attention span about equal to the dog in the movie UP, ham radio is the only hobby he proudly says has been his hobby for life.  He has about 230 countries, mostly on 20 meters and mostly in CW.  He enjoys chasing DX, contesting, satellites, and recently ballooning with WSPR transmitters and party balloons.  He likes to melt solder, build kits and scratch-built electronics and has been involved in the microcomputer industry almost from its very beginnings.  He has also been involved in the Ham Radio equipment industry.  He enjoys small-microprocessor embedded programming. So many parts, so little time. 

Michael is serving his first term as the NIDXA Treasurer.

Board Member: Paul K9NU

Paul was first licensed in 1965 in southern California as WN6PHG. Later that year he moved to Joliet, IL and received the call WN9QNU and subsequently upgraded to general and WA9QNU. Paul got interested in DXing in the 90’s and finally upgraded to extra in 1994. Paul has achieved Number One Honor Roll, 5 Band WAZ, 9 Band DXCC needing only P5 on CW and 5 entities on digital.

Paul retired in 2005 after spending his entire working career in the frequency control industry. He has been the W9DXCC convention chairman for the past three years and serves on the NIDXA board of directors.

Board Member: Mike W9MR

Mike was first licensed in 1988 (KB9BIB). Discovering that DXing was a way to fill the time between contests, he quickly became hooked. Due to a lengthy absence from ham radio, he missed out on some good DX. Currently having 302 (Mixed) confirmed entities and 5BDXCC (endorsed for 17 & 30).

Mike is currently serving his fourth term on the NIDXA Board of Directors.

Board Member: Lawrence K9ARZ

Licensed in 1960 (KN9ARZ), Lawrence took a serious interest in DXing in 1962, thanks to his elmers W9TQL and W9ALI. Since that time he has managed to accumulate 351 (Mixed) entities, 5BDXCC (endorsed for 12, 17, & 30), and WAZ.

Lawrence is currently serving his third term on the NIDXA Board of Directors.

Past President: Dick W9GIG

Dick Isely is currently serving in the role of Past President for the NIDXA Board of Directors. Dick has also previously served as the ARRL Central Division Director.

Historical Officers and Directors