KB9CRY Shunt Fed Tower         

Here's some pictures of my shunt fed tower for 160M. I worked 327 qsos with 100w in the recent CQ 160 SSB contest including EA8BH, the furthest on 160 for me! The system is based on K1ZM's design found in his "DXing on the Edge" book and was custom optimized by Barry, W9UCW.

73 Phil    Feb. 2002

Click on a picture for a larger view.

Shunt 1.JPG (31809 bytes) Shunt 2.JPG (22020 bytes) Shunt 4.JPG (41702 bytes)
Shunt 5.JPG (7163 bytes) Shunt 6.JPG (47163 bytes) Shunt 7.JPG (36462 bytes)
Shunt 3.JPG (29709 bytes) Omega 2.JPG (35793 bytes) Omega Match Box.JPG (34157 bytes)