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Previously Featured in DX Showcase 

3YX DXpedition
Peter I Island

More people have flown in outer space .. than have set foot on Peter I Island!

Peter I

Starting about Feb 7, 2006

For complete details click here


Dxpedition to Andaman and Nicobar Dec 3 to 31st.

Click here for more info.




Click here to perform a log search. 

The Radio Club Venezolano (RCV) celebrated its 70th anniversary via a Dxpedition to Aves Island - one of the top ten most wanted DXCC entities.



Rodrigues Island 19 March - 12 April 2004


This great DXpedition was worked by thousands. See how NIDXA members did - click here.

For the 3B9C web site and links to the logs click here.



40 Meter Yagi and

120 ft. Tower

  Phil installed a new KLM 3 el. 40M Yagi  on his new Rohn 45 120 ft. Tower. 

Click here for lots of pictures of the installation of the tower and antenna. 



Europa 2003
TO4E-pic.gif (9889 bytes)

November 25 to December 15, 2003


Europa Island is the largest of the Scattered French Islands of the Indian Ocean, with a land area of 30 km. It is a desert island situated in the Mozambique Channel, about 250 km West by North West of Toliara (Madagascar), half way between the East Coast of Africa and the West Coast of Madagascar.

For complete information click here.


Somerset Island, Nunavut, Canada IOTA Expedition
K9AJ/VY0 and K9PPY/VY0

click here





Created in 1964 by Geoff Watts, a leading English short wave listener, and taken on by the RSGB in 1985, IOTA is an amateur radio activity program designed to encourage contacts with island stations world- wide. The oceans' islands have been grouped into some 1200 "IOTA groups with, for reasons of geography, varying numbers of "counters", ie qualifying islands, in each. The objective, for the island chaser, is to make radio contact with at least one counter in as many of these groups as possible and, for the DXpeditioner, to provide such island contacts. For both it is a fun pastime adding much enjoyment to on the air activity. Among its estimated 15-20,000 followers IOTA has become for a very large number a favorite, highly regarded and absorbing activity program.

Follow these links to get started:


N1mmBanner.gif (29120 bytes)

N1MM Free Contest Logger

The N1MM Logger is a freeware program designed to do contest logging and some general logging. It is not a general logging program with award tracking etc. but it is mainly a contest logging program.

 Check it out: click here.

Logger32 is great for tracking DXCC, IOTA, etc.  It has been constructed to be a highly user configurable general purpose Amateur Radio logbook with computer control support for many radios and antenna rotators. It is not a contesting log (although there is no real reason why it could not be used for such.) and does not contain some features that might be found in software specifically designed for this activity.  The beta version is being offered for free and appears to be very stable.

 Check it out: click here.


The Italian weekly bulletin for serious DXers since 1995 with over 9200 subscribers all over the world.

If you are looking for up-to-date DX news check with 425 DX News first. 

 Check it out: click here.



(Silent Key)

Visit Jim's web site for more on this impressive station. Click here.



160 Meter Array



Visit John's web site to see more of this monster array for 160.  Click here.



The Society of Midwest Contesters

The Society of Midwest Contesters formed early in 1985 with the goal of uniting Midwest contesters into a competitive group and to further the idea of radiosporting in the Midwest.   From 51 charter members in the summer of 1985, they have  grown to a membership of over 300 contesters, mainly in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Missouri, and Wisconsin.   
Visit their web site and read about their amazing success. .

50th Anniversary of W9DXCC  

Was a Great Success!

Total attendance was 275 with 220 at the banquet! 

Congratulations to N4CIW who won the ICOM 756 PRO II.NIDXA members won the next two prizes, K9DDO picked up the FT1000MP MarkV and N9JV took home the FT100D. The raffle proceeds of $2,230 were donated to the Northern California DX Foundation, and the raffle prize ICOM 706 MkIIG transceiver was won by WB9Z. More pictures here.




Log Search (click here)

VP6DI web site at

Thanks to 4 2 5 D X N E W S

Trindade DXpedition

    Trindade DXpedition Check to see if you are in the log at



Exclusive pictures and the VK9RS story, click here.

Fernando de Noronha
Bill, W9VA, will operate as PY0ZFO from December 6 to 13. This includes an entry in the ARRL 10-Meter contest. Look for him on 160 to 6 meters. QSL to home call.


pwos.gif (12511 bytes)

Follow this link to the PW0S DXpedition

Mt. Frank Contesters
Take a look at one of the Midwest's premiere contest stations:  K9NS